What are the brand imported Italian blanket
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What are the brand imported Italian blanket

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In today's rapidly developing society, the level of appearance more and more important. Everyone has the right to the pursuit of good things, no matter what do people always have a strong interest on beautiful things. But in our home put a few beautiful good-looking household act the role ofing is tasted is also very important. Now gradually into winter, imported Italian brand blanket became we must focus on household act the role ofing is tasted. Import a blanket is a cushion, spread on the ground; Drop something on the blanket is not easy to break. Also can rise to protect the floor from the falling object smashed dirty or drop food.


Italian KOHRO brand as an Italian designer and manufacturer of indoor decoration double fabrics, KOHRO brand is a blend of natural, art, design, process, technology and quality services. Deeply rooted in the famous textile industrial area, in the history of KOHRO inheritance retain the essence of Italian heritage. Its textile factories filiere added extra for its competitive advantage. KOHRO are able to, because it has the ability to find the closely combining site between natural and cultural, because they have a dream by drawing from art and advanced technology, to derive inspiration in the natural world.

Italy's home provide European furniture building materials imported from jewelry and soft outfit design services, and Europe more than 2500 high-end brand furniture manufacturers in close cooperation; European straight to buy for you at least save 30% to 50%. Best-selling brands: natuzzi, poliform, fendi, moooi, cassina, bentley, longhi, visionnaire, flos, Baxter, moroso, b&b, poltrona Frau imported from Europe, such as household brand.

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